3D Printing aiming its way in Hollywood…

3D printing , one of the hottest technologies around has been picked by the hollywood filmmakers to make robotic suits and armours, for our heroes and villains to fight it out, rather than building models by hand.

These suits are graphically modeled, printed in sophisticated 3D printers and then painted. This technology is progressively adopted by the filmmakers as it is easy, effective and gives the character a more live effect. One can view the charisma of 3D printing in the 2010 hit film Ironman2.

Jason Lopes, a system engineer at Legacy Effects explain as they create complex costumes or suits for a character or scene of a film, while working on the visual effects project, its easy for them to match the the digital scenes and the physical scenes of the movie as the physical costume is a printout of the same digital costume, and it also saves time and manpower of creating a full scale handcrafted costume. They simply take the printouts of the lifesize parts of the costume which is required for the scene and paint them accordingly and it is ready to use. The approvals also come easy, as no more foam models need to be setup, simply take the print of the complete model in a smaller size and if the clients approve it, one can go ahead and work on it to bring out the life size model of the same.

Iron man 2 gloves made via 3D printers.

If you use a low quality 3D printer, the above facts would sound fancy but a high end 3D printer which prints quality models of the thickness of 16 microns, which is one-third of a human hair is apt and gives a very life like effect and again once you have a model fixed and approved, no matter how many prints you take for how many different actions, its going to be the same quality and design without a flaw, which adds upto quality and consistency.

Technology is empowering the world and is getting more consumerized and convenient day after day. You can easily learn the techniques and use them. The entertainment industry is quickly taking up on 3D printing and the filmmakers are happily catching up on what the technology has to offer.