Facebook has now come up with an option for the content owners to make some money while others pirate their videos without permission. It is similar to the “Content ID” technology which YouTube offers to there content creators.

Facebook initially rolled out its option called “Rights Manager” a year ago. The feature helps by indexing the original uploads and then detects if the same video or portion of it is re-uploaded by someone else. It had two simple choices at that time- either they could take down the pirated video or simply let it be for added reach. Now, it has a third option- “Claim ad earning”. This new feature lets the owner make some money by claiming a share of the money generated via mid-roll ads that will run during their pirated videos.

This is still under testing and is not rolled out completely to all users. This feature will allow the owner to insert a 15-20 seconds ad into their video at 20 seconds in and at least two minutes apart.

This new initiative is a big step by Facebook towards premium video content and engagement towards its massive audience.