HDR Photography
HDR : High Dynamic Range photography can be identified by anyone and everyone due to its best colors, contrast and the almost real looks. Though the mechanism of these photographs look complicated, when you actually look at the process of creating one, you will know, it is much simpler. The process includes, clicking a photo three times with low, regular and high exposures and then these images are stacked together to create one sharp images, which is very close to what human eye sees. The best HDR photos are taken from a dSLR camera.

What if you want your iphone or smartphone to produce the same HDR photographs??
Yes! you can,, if only your phone has a good camera, which most of the new handsets have….

For iphone:
iPhone 4 or 4s, it is built in the software. You just need to tab the option>> HDR on when using the camera. Most importantly your shot should be steady, so you can use the volume up button or your headphones as a remote shutter release.

Once you have taken the picture, you get two snaps, the regular one and the HDR one, you can see the difference yourself.

If you have an older iphone or you want to increase the HDR effect, apps like Pro HDR ($1.99) are available. With this app you can adjust the contrast, brightness and other features of your picture.

For Android :
HDR still not so famous among the Android phones, but some of the phones do include the feature, e.g. : new HTC phones (OneS, Amaze , etc. ) accessible through camera>>scenes>>HDR else the HDR pro app is also available on Play Store for $1.99 for othe android phones, which do not have the feature.

Now get the best of the images in your palm, happy clicking 🙂