Instagram today announced a safer environment for users as part of their betterment goals. Going forward users may find a blur screen over sensitive posts and videos. Though, they did not mention what posts will qualify to be ‘sensitive’ but did mention that these posts will not violate the guidelines, only if someone in the community reports them and the review team confirms they are sensitive. If you want to see such posts, you simply need to tap on the post to reveal it.

Secondly, a two-factor authentication has been introduced in the app for extra security of you account, and will require a code every time you log into the app. You simply need to click on the gear icon in your profile and enable two factor authentication. Instagram will ask for a code every time you login to a different device, a security code will be sent to your mobile number. Once you enter the code, only then the login will be successful.

Hopefully users will have a better and safer experience with all these features in place and Instagram will continue to strive to build a better and positive community.

Source : Instagram
Picture Source : MacWorld