Post the introduction of Stories on Instagram, team also introduced live streaming just like Facebook’s Live and Twitter’s Periscope. It was launched back in November, but the only problem which had to be resolved, was related to live streaming wherein once the streaming is over, it’s gone forever…

Today, Instagram announced that the streamers can save there live videos on there devices post the broadcast. Obviously it will disappear from the app, but the streamer can keep a copy what so ever. They only need to tap on the “save” button, which appears at the right top corner of the screen after they wrap up with a live session.

Instagram – You Can Now Save Live Videos!

Also, Instagram explains that you can only save the video without the likes, comments or any other communications. It saves directly into your camera roll for easy access. Well, something is better than nothing.

Please note, you can only save the video instantly after you have finished streaming because there is no going back, you cannot save it later in time. Though, you can post it right back!

Since the feature is available in Facebook, the similar feature introduced in Instagram wasn’t much of a surprise. The update is available for both android and iOS, so no one has to wait for the experience.

Source : Instagram