Speech is what we use, to say what we feel. It’s our one of the most essential tools to get socialized. Eight out of 100 kids suffer from speech impediment. Speech language pathologists (therapist) use whatever they come up with like straws, tongue depressor, spongy tubes etc which takes months & months and never assure complete fix of the problem.

Now speech therapists have a set of tools by the name of “Speech Buddies”. Alexey Salamini, co-developer of speech buddies, took 2 years to build this tool.

Speech buddies help kids to come over from speech disorders by giving them the correct motion of tongue to create a particular sound like R, S, L, CH, and SH. It make children learn how to produce the right sound & what is the correct tongue placement for the same.

It helps kids much faster than any of the speech therapies for the articulation disorders. Speech buddies have come up as breakthrough technology for the speech therapists. It consist five tools for five most difficult sounds like R, S, L, CH, and SH.

Such technologies helping us to fight with all the hurdles come in between of healthy life, I appreciate it!!