Microsoft’s intention to bring its Edge Browser to iOS and Android was pretty clear since last month when it released a BETA version of the same for testers worldwide. It was a sign-up process then but from 30Nov onwards, it’s going to be generally available to all Android and iOS users.

It has its “continue to PC” functionality smartly integrated into the Edge for iOS and Android wherein it lets the user to ping a site over to their PC in case they need to use the PC or the mobile is not loading the site or data properly. The browser also packs in other features like access to the favorites, history, reading list and e-books. They also have Roaming Password feature now available since the preview version, which enables the user to sync passwords cross platform on mobile and desktop along with a dark theme to play around as per your suitability.

The introduction of Edge is an important part of Microsoft’s strategy to broaden its reach on the third-party mobile devices post its fall back on the smartphone front. This particular browser will be useful when you want to resume a lot of browsing from your phone to your windows 10 PC. Looking forward to tab and iPad syncing as well in the future.

You can download your Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android here:
Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Image Source: Windows Central