Apple special event has all the attraction of the world market, which is going to take place on 12th of September’17. Despite the fact, we would like to bring in something unusual and not expected at this point in time – Galaxy S9, YES! Samsung just released Galaxy Note 8 and couple of months back we experienced Galaxy S8 and plus.

It’s not the first time any tech giant decides to launch their product out of their scheduled time window. Now, why would Samsung decide to launch another product so early which might impact Galaxy S8 sales numbers. The company has already sold over 20 million units in last quarter, somewhere it’s a hit. Experts believe that

Apple Special Event threats Samsung specially to push another powerful device in the market to ensure their existence and hold on to their loyal users.

Personally, I don’t believe Samsung would announce Galaxy S9 in January 2018, which is the expected early release date, even if they do so it’s gonna spoil their own market for sure. As an ideal user, we follow an upgrade cycle which restricts to a couple of years, that’s what most of the telecommunication companies believe in. In maximum cases, the contractual duration is 2 years, because that’s what market senses in terms of phone upgrade by a large share of users community.

Samsung Galaxy S8 itself has capabilities to be a competitor to the upcoming iPhone 7S or iPhone 8, and I have a strong feeling that Galaxy S9 wouldn’t appear before March’18. Despite my beliefs, we can’t completely ignore the fact that Flagship models have been launched out of their traditional time window in past and Samsung has all the hunger to do anything to cover as much market as they can. This cold war between Apple and Samsung has been a boon for the global market by crafting some great devices and innovations for sure, so somewhere I call it in favor of technology grandeur – Thumbs up to these tech giants!

For now, I am so excited for Apple Special Event at the Steve Jobs Theatre, could witness some great announcements.