In May, Danny Boyle an academy award winner director from Slumdog Millionarie (2008), gave a brief glimpse of his upcoming project “Steve Jobs”. Today, we finally found the full length trailer for “Steve Jobs” scripted by Aaron Sorkin who is also famous for “The Social Network”. As one of the biggest fans of Sir Steve Jobs, I was eagerly waiting for this movie to come, fortunately it looks much better and focuses more in depth than Ashtoh Kutcher’s Jobs movie.

You would notice Seth Rogen as Steve Woznaik, Kate Winslet as Apple’s former marketing head Jonna Hoffman, Jeff Daniels stars as former Apple CEO John Sculley and of course Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs. I really got upset after watching Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs, now this trailer shows some unseen or untouched faces of Jobs life for example the relation with his daughter. I am quite upset with some of the sections of this trailer, as it tries to portray a confused Steve Jobs and more focused on his personal life than the revolution he managed to create.

According to Aaron Sorkin (writer), the film revolves around the launch of three major products the Macintosh, NeXT and the iMac, in 1998 and takes us behind the scene of this digital revolution. Not sure, if Danny Boyle was able to do justice with Steve Jobs biopic as David Fincher owned this movie as a director before.

Here is the trailer for “Steve Jobs” movie:

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