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In your physical world, you probably using 2 factor authentication may be in your credit cards or in bank lockers. You already know the importance of 2 factor authentication and have good idea to use it. 2 FA adds another layer of security to your account by texting you a validation code to enter whenever you log in or make important changes into your account.

With growing online threats more and more websites are providing 2 FA service. There is an official website (2012) which is providing list of all the websites providing 2 FA service. “2 FA is simple feature that asks for more than just your password. It requires both “something you know” (like password) and “something you have” (like your phone)” – By Matt Cutt.


Lots of websites recently started this service so here we have few steps for enabling 2 factor authentication:

Google/Gmail This is may be your first account you want to secure first as it can be gateway to all your other account. To setup 2FA follow these steps:

  1. Go to google account security and under password look for 2-step verification.
  2. Click setup. Select start setup on the next page.
  3. Enter your phone number in the box and select the mode by which you want to receive the code.
  4. A code (6 digit) will comes on your screen type that, click confirm and you are done.








Facebook is one of the most hack prone website but you can add a layer of difficulty to intruders by adding a layer of security i.e 2 F.A.

  • Open Facebook security setting and select login approval.
  • After clicking on get started, name the browser and select the kind of phone you are using.
  • Enter your cell phone number.
  • After getting verification code, enter it and we are done for 2 F.A.









Twitter’s 2 F.A. Sends you 6 digit code via text message when you try to login from another machine. You can enable 2 F.A. By clicking here.



Please note if your device having access to your accounts is lost then revoke access as soon as possible. 2 F.A. Is not easily broken but for hacking bad guys must acquire either the physical component which is used for log in or gain access to cookies. This can be done by few ways like phishing attack, malware, or by misusing account recovery. Account recovery is one the best trick for gaining access as account recovery resets the password gives you a temporary password. “I see bio-metrics as interesting way to solve the recovery problem. If I lost my phone it would take forever to go through every account and recover them. If there is a very strong bio metric recovery method, a passcode of my choosing and a voice challenge, it become a very reasonable and usable recovery mechanism.” Jon Oberheide Co-founder of Duo security

There is no question that 2 F.A. adds bit inconvenience to your log in process but i think it’s worth that much as it is one the best ways to keep your data safe.