Microsoft has started to roll out the the Windows 10 Creators Update starting today. It’s a free update for all, around the world, but its not going to be automatically updating every single machine today itself. Well, it could take months but will be there for sure slowly and gradually, meanwhile if you are extremely curious to experience it, use the ‘Update Assistant’ and get it right away.

Now, lets just have a look at what all new experiences one can relinquish with the all new Creators update.

3D Paint: While we live in a multi-dimensional world, why to cease your canvas of creation to 2D only. With this new Paint 3D app, you can easily turn a 2D picture into 3D objects and even better you can conquer the world of art and give life to your imaginations from the scratch. Once you are done you can also share the same on the Remix 3D site or use it on Windows Mixed Reality headsets touching base with nothing less than a life like experience.

All new Cortana: Cortana will be your setup partner if you wish to install the new update, you can let go the traditional mouse and keyboard strokes and simply command Cortana to do it for you and she does it pretty neatly.

Beam: Microsoft has added Beam streaming to the Xbox app for Windows 10. Now you can stream your game sessions instantly once you turn the game mode on. Also, the game mode is auto enabled in the Creators Update and is designed to prioritise CPU and GPU resources for gaming to give you the best run.

Night Light and Dynamic Lock: Well, night light is very much similar to what is already available in iOS, Mac and Android, now its also available in Windows 10, you don’t have to use any third party app anymore. It lets you minimise or turn off the brightness or the blue light post sunset or a set time. Also, there is this new Dynamic lock system which lets you pair your PC with a bluetooth connection, say your phone or a wearable and whenever your device is far way or outside the range it will automatically lock your machine.

Windows Hello: Surprisingly, Windows Hello has got better, and the face scan and unlock setup has also speeded up giving you more acceptance towards using this feature.

There has been many more tweaks here and there, It has better updates and privacy controls, Microsoft Edge is better with new features which allows you to save tabs for later use/view. It has also got the picture in picture option available now, so you can pop out ur movie window at one side and continue with your other tasks. We also have inking available in Photos app and Windows Ink. All these features are available in this new update but are not yet through and through. Only few Microsoft apps are supportive of them but we cannot deny a shinier tomorrow. With the developers working day and night, I am pretty sure all these features will be in full bloom sooner than you can think.

Overall, the Creators Update does not get you anything extremely new and crazy but gives you a much improved perspective to what could be in store in the near future.

Source: Windows
Image: Cnet