YouTube has been working on its premium version for months. Things didn’t go as planned, because the actual date for YouTube paid version was supposed to be October – which got stretched till next year. We don’t have exact details as in what all services will fall under this upcoming face of the biggest video channel, still It’s pretty much expected that YouTube would offer ads free or some kind of exclusive video content (like programming videos) which can’t be accessed through normal free version.

In order to close it soon, company has already spoken to the established vloggers (video bloggers) who have huge audience with them. YouTube expects these vloggers to reserve best of their content for paid version as that would be the best trick to force more than 1 billion users to pay. Facebook did step into this methodology quite early and that’s what makes Google owned YouTube worry – sounds like a biggest threat so far. I am sure, most of you must have noticed that Facebook is appreciating video content at much higher level, for example: once you are done watching any video on Facebook, it gives you suggested videos option, introduced recently. A good number of Facebook users actually go through such suggested videos and do play – any video from another publisher getting played in such sessions, allows Facebook to have big part of the payout from different publishers.

YouTube is ready to launch a part of premium version most probably on 21st of October in Los Angeles – prices are yet to be decided. It would be great to see the reaction from the users’ community on paying for some exclusive content or ads free experience – we might need to wait till 2016, till then enjoy the complete access of YouTube!

Image Courtesy: Ilovetinyhouses